Sustainability and Energy Experts

Our Qualifications and Experience

3COTECH, Inc. is a certified DBE and SBE under the California Unified Certification Program and certified LBE by the City of Los Angeles.

As an Envision certified company with LEED certified staff, 3COTECH, Inc. provides teams pursuing large infrastructure projects with a wide array of sustainability, energy, and resiliency consulting services.

3COTECH's risk management expertise has saved our clients millions of dollars. In one case we helped our client reduce the risk of cost overrun by 95% and schedule delay by 85%.

In addition, 3COTECH, Inc. has partnered with Braid Theory, Inc. to provide access to transformative technologies that will give our team a competitive edge.

By connecting tech entrepreneurs with industry and collaborating with industry leaders and corporate partners, 3COTECH assists clients to mitigate market risk and identify commercialization opportunities. Our industry focus: Transportation and Goods Movement, Energy and Utilities, Construction and Advanced Manufacturing. 

With our extensive experience, access to innovation and developed relationships with the industry leaders, we will provide your team with unique advantages.


Please feel free to download our capability brochure and generic SOQ. Contact us for more information.

3COTECH's Capability Brochure

3COTECH Capability Brochure


3COTECH, Inc. Statement of Qualifications