Client: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (METRO)
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Timeframe: 2017 - 2019
Status: Completed

Project Highlights

  • Performance metrics research, selection, and analysis
  • Development of a countywide sustainability framework
  • Outreach and coordination with public agencies in Los Angeles County

Project Description

3COTECH has engaged in developing a comprehensive countywide sustainability platform by which Metro’s sustainability efforts can be measured and communicated, both now and into the future. We advised Metro on selection, evaluation, and reporting of performance metrics. We researched and presented success stories throughout the Los Angeles County. We also assisted the agency with an interactive communication approach to encourage public participation.

Metro Sustainability Report
Kat Janowicz | 3COTECH

Stakeholder engagement was a critical part of the metrics research and analysis process. The project team interviewed 14 agencies nationwide, identified more than 100 resource documents, and reviewed more than 40 high-priority documents. In addition to more than 400 metrics used by various transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, and other nongovernmental entities, the project team has also identified best practices. Multiple public and private organizations in Los Angeles County provided input on sustainability performance metrics during both facilitated stakeholder meetings and individual conversations to confirm their applicability in the LA area. Ultimately, the 3COTECH team recommended ten parameters, with their data sources, methodologies and agency examples, that met evaluative criteria.

3COTECH conducted thorough research of potential projects completed in the Los Angeles County. We further assessed the initial list of 80 success stories against a broad range of criteria. One of them was a geographic distribution among diverse sub-regions in the county. Other measures considered the type, location, funding sources, and various benefits of the projects. As a result, 13 projects were selected to exemplify innovative, inspiring, and practical approaches to advancing sustainability in Southern California and encourage both residents and visitors to opt for healthier travel modes and participate in physical activity. Several of these projects include zero-emission and near-zero-emission bus fleet conversion or significant technology upgrades. The performance metrics and cases studies align with the three principles of Metro’s Countywide Sustainability Planning Policy (CSPP). These are Connect People and Places; Create Community Value, and Conserve Resources.

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