Our Qualifications and Experience

3COTECH, Inc. is a certified DBE and SBE under the California Unified Certification Program and certified LBE by the City of Los Angeles. We are also a Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE).

We assist public and private sector clients develop and implement strategies related to energy, transportation and global trade with a focus on technology and long-term sustainability. Our strategies are designed to communicate effectively, increase resilience, and promote economic development.

We are creative, “big-picture” thinkers, not afraid to use our extensive industry experience to challenge the status quo.

We assist our clients build and maintain strategic relationships at the critical 3-way junction where power meets goods movement and global trade. As part of planning and strategy development, we identify key players and stakeholders, and review their specific expectations and motivations.

We build and maintain strong teams and strategic partnerships across the power, cleantech, and freight transportation sectors.

3COTECH combines technical and industry-specific expertise with public affairs through a strategic approach to provide a unique communication capability for clients navigating the challenging intersection between business and government.

We understand local and regional public-private stakeholder dynamics in Southern California and the global community.

Risk management has long been recognized as an integral part of good business management practices. We help organizations make better decisions by assessing, analyzing and managing risks and opportunities. We coordinate and categorize stakeholder inputs through risk workshops and close collaboration.

3COTECH's risk management expertise has saved our clients millions of dollars. In one case we helped our client reduce the risk of cost overrun by 95% and schedule delay by 85%.

Whether you aim to reduce emissions or transition to electric fleet and automation, you need a long-term energy strategy. It is critical to ensure energy security and resiliency for your facility or infrastructure project.

We help our clients understand existing and future energy conditions and navigate through regulatory landscape, innovation, and technology.

Access to capital for infrastructure, clean air, and other environmental concerns are among key drivers for public policy. We believe that sustainable businesses not only reduce carbon footprint and use resources responsibly, but also embrace diversity, engage stakeholders, and leverage innovation. We work with organizations, as they are increasingly looking upon to quantify, reduce, mitigate, and adapt to the potential impacts of climate change. We support the public and private sectors to embrace resilience thinking specifically tailored to the organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities. We help them address their challenges and identify tools and techniques.

We assist organizations to plan, implement and evaluate their sustainability and resiliency efforts.

Research is an integral part of our business. We believe that comprehensive on-topic research and analyses, are essential in making informed decisions.

We help our clients identify gaps, risks and opportunities, and establish a clear understanding of challenges and their implications.

Innovation calls for new legislation. We support our clients in tracking and analyzing existing, proposed, or potential federal, state, and local laws and regulation. We conduct research for specific legislative targets, create an action plan for achieving legislative goals, and develop effective partnerships.