Client: Port of Long Beach (POLB)
Location: Long Beach, CA
Timeframe: 2018 - Present
Status: Ongoing

Project Highlights

  • Evaluated processes and procedures for the quality management system
  • Revised QMS manual
  • Provided recommendations for redesigning QMS

Project Description

3COTECH has evaluated quality management processes and procedures at the Port of Long Beach. We developed a critique of the existing quality management system (QMS) and provided recommendations.

POLB Middle Harbor project
Kat Janowicz | 3COTECH

3COTECH reviewed guidelines and manuals related to the POLB project delivery and continuous improvement processes. We advised on revising accountability, assigning roles and responsibilities, creating a succession plan, and embarking on an agency-wide process integration. Our work included coordination with key decision-makers at POLB.

3COTECH also evaluated RAAM processes and procedures, as well as updated risk manual at POLB. The RAAM process is an integral part of the quality management at POLB.

Our assessments included the entire project lifecycle from planning through engineering to construction to maintenance and warranty.

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