Client: Port of Long Beach (POLB)
Location: Long Beach, CA
Timeframe: 2016 - Present
Status: Ongoing

Project Highlights

  • Developed risk assessments and analyses for capital improvement projects and programs
  • Facilitated and moderated workshops
  • Determined risk-adjusted contingencies for the overall budget and schedule
  • Mitigation strategies saved POLB millions of dollars
  • Evaluated processes and procedures for the risk assessment and quality management systems
  • Revised risk manual

Project Description

3COTECH has provided multi-level (policy, program, project) risk assessment, analysis, and mitigation (RAAM) services to the Port of Long Beach (POLB). Our team has been working with the Port for the last seven years, ever since POLB adopted the RAAM techniques as part of its standard project delivery process.

Kat Janowicz | 3COTECH

The Port of Long Beach projects and programs—as part of the Capital Improvement Program—must be developed under tight budget and schedule constrains using innovative designs, integrated new technologies, strong environmental mitigations, and sustainable development practices.

RAAM procedures have been used in most high-risk, high-consequence industries, such as nuclear, rail, and aerospace to identify and manage risks throughout the life of a project. RAAM procedures at POLB are designed to ensure that all project risks and mitigations are considered, as well as to identify opportunities and determine risk-adjusted contingencies for the overall budget and schedule.

Our assessments included the entire project lifecycle from planning through engineering to construction to maintenance and warranty. We considered scenario planning and gap analysis.

3COTECH gathered and categorized, both qualifying and quantifying stakeholder inputs through workshops and coordination with key stakeholders. We served as a facilitator and moderator during the workshops. We identified risks, conducted analysis, recommended mitigation strategies, and developed reports for informed decision-making.

The projects included Tesoro MOTEMS and Middle Harbor Terminal Redevelopment (MH) Program. The $1.3 billion MH Program is combining two aging shipping terminals into zero emissions facility, the greenest and most technologically advanced container terminal in the world. The projects within MH Program included Pier E Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Container and Rail Yard and South Gate; and Berth E22 Wharf and Backlands Redevelopment.

The RAAM process is an integral part of the quality management at POLB.

3COTECH also evaluated RAAM processes and procedures, as well as updated risk manual at POLB.

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