Client: Harbor Community Benefit Foundation (HCBF)
Location: San Pedro, CA
Timeframe: 2018 - Present
Status: Ongoing

Project Highlights

  • Technology assessments
  • Outreach to technology companies, incubators, and accelerators
  • Development of the procurement process, including Request for Letters of Interest and Request for Proposals

Project Description

3COTECH, Inc. has advised the Harbor Community Benefit Foundation on the application and selection process to award approximately $5 million in grants for technology demonstration projects aimed to reduce port-related air emissions. 3COTECH also provided outreach and technology evaluation and will assist in funding recommendations and project monitoring.

These funds, administered by HCBF through the Air Quality Mitigation Fund (AQMF) program, are part of a settlement between the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) and community stakeholders, including environmental organizations, following the approval of the 2004 China Shipping Container Terminal Project. AQMF was established based on a Memorandum of Agreement signed between POLA and HCBF in 2015.

China Shipping at the Port of Los Angeles
Kat Janowicz | 3COTECH

Projects funded by the AQMF must demonstrate achievable and quantifiable emissions reduction in San Pedro and Wilmington, within a 25-mile boundary of the San Pedro Bay. Benefits may extend beyond the 25-mile perimeter. Projects must include demonstration or implementation of one of the following technologies: zero-emission technology, near-zero-emission technology or emission reduction technology. The examples of port-related emission sources are trucks, trains, cargo handling equipment, ocean-going vessels, harbor craft, and energy.

The ultimate goal of this program is to support viable technology companies, so they not only reduce emissions throughout the duration of the project but also keep implementing those technologies and continually grow their businesses in the local area of San Pedro and Wilmington. Achieving a high rate of success would mean that the technology companies would likely stay in the area after the completion of this program and continue reducing emissions. Stakeholder and community engagement play an essential role for the San Pedro Bay area. The local community actively participates in diverse port-related business activities. Accordingly, all applicants must secure the project’s demonstration or implementation partner that operates within a 25-mile boundary of the San Pedro Bay.

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