$5 Million HCBF Grant for Air Emission Reduction Technology

Port of Los Angeles and China Shipping

HCBF to Award $5 Million for Technologies to Reduce Port-Related Air Emissions in the San Pedro Bay Area

The HARBOR COMMUNITY BENEFIT FOUNDATION (HCBF) recently announced its plans to award $5 million for technology demonstration projects to reduce port-related air emissions in the San Pedro Bay Area, specifically in the communities of San Pedro and Wilmington.



These funds, administered by HCBF through the Air Quality Mitigation Fund (AQMF) program, are part of a settlement between the Port of Los Angeles (POLA)  and community stakeholders, including environmental organizations, following the approval of the 2004 China Shipping Container Terminal Project. AQMF was established based on a Memorandum of Agreement signed between POLA and HCBF in 2015.


Request for Proposals (RFP)

HCBF is seeking technology providers from around the globe to apply for funding. Qualified projects must meet certain eligibility criteria and compliance requirements.

The RFP is expected to be released later this summer. 


Technology Demonstration Projects

HCBF, with the approval of the POLA Board of Harbor Commissioners, will award funding “...exclusively for projects that are reasonably calculated to reduce Port- related air emissions. This includes emissions resulting from the transport and handling of cargo, within, into, out of, to, or from the Port of Los Angeles, including but not limited to cargo transport and handling by ships, harbor craft, trucks, locomotives, or cargo handling equipment.”

Preferred focus is on zero-emissions technologies.

HCBF encourages all applicants to build partnerships with local businesses and organizations prior to submitting their proposals.

Check out the port's website to identify potential partners for your demonstration project. Reach out to the local chambers of commerce and other organizations to get information and guidance. 


Outreach to Technology Companies

Outreach—through a series of online meetings and webinars—will be supported by 3COTECH, Inc. 3COTECH is advising HCBF on the application and selection process, as well as providing technology evaluation, support for funding recommendations, and project monitoring.


Express your Interest

Keep checking the HCBF project website for news and announcements. Sign up for notifications. Ask questions. 

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