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We enhance organizations’ strategies to include the adaptive systems and lifecycle risks and opportunities that are often missed. We assess uncertainties related to innovative technology, resilience and long-term asset sustainability. Our strategies are designed to communicate effectively and promote economic development.

Strategic Partnerships

We assist public and private sector clients build and maintain strategic relationships at the intersection of energy, freight and global trade. As part of planning and strategy development, we identify key players and stakeholders, review their specific drivers, and formulate a carefully crafted communication scheme.

Government and Public Relations

3COTECH combines technical and industry-specific expertise with public affairs through a strategic approach to provide a unique communication capability. We build a bridge between business and government for clients operating in energy, transportation, and international trade.

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3COTECH | Profitable Sustainability

Advancements in technology, the increasing role of sustainability, and the ever-present need for social equity combine to accelerate change in the already dynamic infrastructure landscape that lies at the 3-way junction between Energy, Transportation, and Global Trade.

3COTECH operates at this critical intersection and we offer a unique array of services to help our public and private clients not only to understand and navigate this complex landscape but also to develop and maintain strong partnerships across it.

We develop and help execute strategies that will ensure you and your partners can effectively, efficiently and sustainably move people and goods on land, at sea, and it the air.

We complement organizations’ strategies by assessing lifecycle risks and opportunities related to innovative technology, resilience, and long-term asset sustainability.

3COTECH is a certified SBE, DBE, WBE and LBE.

We also provide

Strategy Implementation Support

Strategy is complex. We find that success or failure of the strategy depend on the way leaders at all organizational levels integrate strategic thinking into day-to-day operations. We help our clients identify gaps and uncertainties, apply whole systems thinking, and establish a clear understanding of the challenges and their implications.

Risk Assessment & Analysis

Managing risks is considered a good business practice. By assessing and analyzing risks and opportunities we help organizations identify trade-offs and make informed decisions. We categorize stakeholder inputs through workshops and collaboration. We help clients foresee the intended and unintended consequences of their initiatives or external impacts.

Stakeholder Engagement

Successful collaboration requires early involvement of key parties. We provide communication and outreach on our clients’ behalf to achieve stakeholder consensus and ensure engagement. We advise diverse interest groups regarding best-in-class strategy to comply with regulatory requirements, attain project goals, and enhance economic prospects.

Energy Strategy

Whether you aim to reduce emissions or transition to electric fleet and automation, you need a long-term energy strategy. It is critical to ensure energy security and resiliency for your facility or infrastructure project. We help our clients understand existing and future energy conditions, and navigate the regulatory, technological and sustainable investment landscape.

Sustainability Strategy

Environmental concerns, clean air, climate change, and access to capital for infrastructure are among key drivers for public policy. We help clients incorporate sustainable practices throughout the project lifecycles to not only reduce carbon footprint and use resources responsibly, but also embrace diversity, engage stakeholders, and leverage innovation.

Legislative Support

Change and innovation call for new legislation. We support our clients in tracking and analyzing existing, proposed, or potential federal, state, and local laws and regulation. We advocate for policies and projects to strengthen regional economic development. We collaborate with government entities to shape and interpret public policy and laws.


















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“Your contribution to the Port of Long Beach (POLB) Risk Management proposal was highly valued by the Cardno team and me. Your strategic inputs to the proposal and active participation in the interview with the POLB for this contract were one of the key elements of this successful pursuit.”

John D. Pauling, P.E. National Director of Transportation, Cardno Government Services

“(Kat Janowicz, Principal, 3COTECH) has been highly effective in providing processes improvements that have led to higher quality deliverables which was recognized by the client.”

Gerald L. Goldsmith VP Nuclear, WorleyParsons Nuclear Services

“(Kat Janowicz, Principal, 3COTECH) leads by example, values timely delivery of results, and fosters open communication.”

John Ioannidi, P.E. Senior Advisor and Chairman of the Technical Advisory Board, Polish Nuclear Power Plant Project

“On behalf of Shell Pipeline Company, West Coast Facility Engineering, I would like to take this opportunity to commend your exceptional efforts in supporting Shell’s Western Region 2013 and 2014 Supply & Distribution (S&D) Project Development program and project execution in 2013.”

John J. Dompke, P.E. Lead Facility Engineer, Shell Pipeline Company

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Energy Efficiency Alone is Not Enough

Energy Efficiency Alone is Not Enough

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3COTECH has been awarded a contract with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority for Countywide Sustainability Annual Report and Performance Metrics.

3COTECH is Envision Qualified Company. Find out more about Envision® Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System.

Kat Janowicz has been elected to the Harbor Association of Industry and Commerce 2017 Board of Directors as a Secretary-Treasurer.

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